So she wants you to be her head bridesmaid?

With great honor comes great responsibility, but we have it covered!

Listed below we have what we think is important to consider.

Being the head bridesmaid usually means that you are largely responsible for organizing the hen party. Running a hen party can often take a lot of preparation and planning. After all it is her last night of freedom and she shouldn’t be disappointed.

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Plan Ahead

We recommend that you and the girls allow at least a few weeks to prepare for the hen party of a lifetime. We advise that you have the hen party a week or two before the wedding so that the hen has time to recover for her big day.

Knowing the Hen

Being the head bridesmaid you will know the hen better than most and will be well aware of her limits of shame and willingness to participate in challenges. Keep in mind the hen's personality when planning the party.

Questions to ask the Hen

1) Does she have any ideas on what she wants to do?
2) When does she want to have the hen party?
3) Are there any particular activities that she just would not do?
e.g. making her streak.
4) How many friends does she want involved?
5) Does she want a relaxed weekend or for it to be action packed?
6) Would she want a stripper?

Inviting the Hen Committee

1) Set a date, and make sure that everyone can make it.
2) Ask the hen to make a list of the women to invite.
3) Check if there are any events happening in the area at that time.
4) Does it clash with any other events?
5) Is it on a public holiday?
6) Formally invite her friends with invitations.

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Consider the invite designs. Would some receivers prefer a raunchy design (e.g. a sexy stripper) or maybe a tamer look (e.g. a photo of a hen)


1) Sometimes it can be a good idea to have your celebration out of your home town to avoid bumping into the stag party or anyone the hen might not want to be seen by wearing her crazy outfit and doing her embarrassing challenges.
2) Think about the activities available in each possible location.
3)  Make sure to book pubs and event locations in advance and check if they are fine about having a hen party being there or visiting.


1) First off the hen shouldn’t have to pay for anything thoughtout the course of the party.
2) Ask around the group you plan to invite and see what their budgets are.
3) Think about possible activities e.g. (clubbing, bowling etc) Find out costing for each.
4) Will there be much traveling required and how much would it cost?
5) You could even consider getting a hen party fund set up in advance (e.g. $50 each which covers travel and activity costs)

Always Remember

A hen party is about celebrating womanliness and her last night of freedom!

1) Make sure the hen is always looked after and doesn’t get into too much trouble; remember getting arrested wouldn’t be a high point of a hen night.

2) Being the head bridesmaid it is your responsibility to ensure she doesn't totally regret anything the following day
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